My Goodwill Story – Salena Ohlhausen

Thursday, May 4, 2017

My Goodwill Story – Salena Ohlhausen


I was living in Santa Rosa as a single mom, in desperate need of help. My world was crashing down around me—then I was referred by SonomaWORK to the Targeted Job Search program at Goodwill Industries ~ Redwood Empire.  Not only did I find a job, but I found myself.  I learned tools I’ve never thought would be part of a job search program. 

We worked on my resume, my cover letter, and my 30 second commercial so I would be able to talk about myself easily.  I walked in and dropped off my portfolio, and the girls working there said, “You’re so well prepared!”  I was dressed in my interview clothes, and ready to share who I was.  Within a couple of hours the owner called me for an interview.

The owner liked my smile and friendly manner, and he responded to the confidence I gained for the first time at Goodwill.  Being a single mom, confidence has been a challenge.  I got the job!

It had been such a long time since I felt happy, I couldn’t even remember how to feel it.  I was happy.

Although I started out broken, with help I was able to fix myself.  I did that with the help of the awesome ladies and workshops provided by them.  I am capable of so much. In this process I’ve grown, learned and opened up. Hope is what Goodwill gave me. 

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