Justin A.'s Success Story

Thursday, Jun 7, 2018

I didn’t know Goodwill did that!    Justin A. needed an opportunity to build his confidence and develop his work knowledge. Enter Goodwill’s Work Adjustment Program.  Justin excelled in learning each task and demonstrated willingness and enthusiasm to work as part of his team.  His efforts and work performance did not go overlooked and soon after completing the WAT program, Justin applied for and was selected as a fulltime Production Associate.

What Working Means To Me

Justin wrote, "To me working means gaining experience, a sense of satisfaction and a paycheck. Working gives me confidence, before getting my job at Goodwill I was very apprehensive about working. I didn’t think I would be able to handle any kind of job. However, since starting this job and continuing to work my confidence has increased significantly. Working at Goodwill has given me a lot of experience that I now can put on my resume. I also have a feeling of pride and satisfaction now that I am earning a paycheck. It feels good to be able to afford to buy things on my own. Working really means a lot to me, a lot more than I ever thought it would."

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