A Behavioral Health Cooperative Success Story

Thursday, Feb 15, 2018

Nearly two years ago Beatrice Barsony joined the Behavioral Health Co-Op program provided by Goodwill. Beatrice had not worked in 10 years because she had been immobilized by low self-esteem and its many fallouts – inability to ask for help, feeling undeserving, unconcerned about personal appearance and lacking self-direction.

In February 2016 Beatrice decided to look into Goodwill’s “Mental Health Co-Op” because a resident where she was living had shared their experience with her. Recently we caught up with Beatrice to talk about the program and to see how she is doing.

Beatrice told us having a place (the program) to come to every week began to make a positive difference in how she felt.  Seeing others with similar backgrounds succeeding gave her hope.  She reports having felt supported by the Co-Op staff and services she received, such as a resume and interviewing practice including learning to ask “When do I start?” 

Last May Beatrice accepted a position with Sears! We asked how being employed has changed her life: “I feel better, I have the power to purchase, I am freer, and my confidence increased.  I have better mental focus and feel more accepted.”  Future plans include completing a self-paced training she’s begun which will allow her to expand the number of positions she is qualified to do.  And … “Being employed makes me want to be married”. 

We are proud of Beatrice’s achievements!  This is truly an example of Goodwill’s mission actualized: Changing lives and strengthening communities through the dignity and power of work.


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