Goodwill Guide Program


What is the Goodwill Guide program?

It is an employee benefit and resource to assist team members with identifying local resources that can assist them with reaching personal and workrelated success.

How will the Goodwill Guide program help me?

This depends on each individual team member.
While working with Goodwill Guide staff each team member will discuss what they want to achieve and what their needs are. Goodwill Guide staff may provide resources for food, housing, transportation, employment achievement or GED preparation.

Why should I work with the Goodwill Guide program?

Everyone has special talents, goals and dreams. Working with Goodwill Guide staff, Team Members will have the opportunity to look at each of these things and determine how addressing needs, setting goals and having a dream can bring out the very best in them.

What can I hope to achieve by working with Goodwill Guide staff?

What each Team Member can achieve is determined by them. Working with Goodwill Guide staff, Team Members will first focus on their needs and then have the opportunity to move forward to focus on other goals they would like to achieve.

How will the focus of my work with the Goodwill Guide program be determined?

The direction of the work with Goodwill Guide staff will be determined by each Team Member based on their individual needs.

Do I have to work with the Goodwill Guide program?

Every team member will be enrolled in the Goodwill Guide program as an employee benefit for 90-days of participation. After 90-days Team Members can decide if they would like to continue in the program or opt out of participation.

How long can I work with the Goodwill Guide program?

This can be an on-going relationship that helps Team Members navigate both their personal and professional life. As a Team Member works with Goodwill Guide staff they can update enrollment information at any time based on the needs of the Team Member. The Team Member also has the option to decide not to move forward after reaching their specific goals or 90-days of participation.

What is expected of each Team Member as they work with the Goodwill Guide program?

This program is new and exciting. We would ask that each Team Member bring a level of enthusiasm, openness, dependability and willingness to be a part of achieving their own success with assistance from Goodwill Guide staff. There is an expectation that Team Members will follow up on resources and information provided by Goodwill Guide staff and then provide updates on their progress.

Will I have employment opportunities if I work with the Goodwill Guide program?

The focus of this program is to better the lives of each Team Member and yes, employment opportunities with Goodwill or elsewhere may be a part of that journey. As Team Members move forward working with Goodwill Guide staff it could be helpful for them to identify skills they want to develop or challenges they have encountered in the workplace.

How do I get started?

A roll-out will be scheduled for your store to enroll all team members. After roll-out Goodwill Guide Coaches will be assigned to various locations and will be handling New Hire enrollments.

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